You can finally break free from the fat trap forever when you upgrade your cybernetic set point, subconscious programing, and self-love frequency. Learn the permanent body transformation technique that the 74 Billion Dollar weight loss industry does not want you to know about and only takes 20 minutes per day!

cybernetic set point weighloss

Reset Your Cybernetic Set Point

Just like the thermostat in your home maintains the temperature regardless of the environmental changes; your cybernetic set point will maintain your weight & fitness. No matter how much will power and hard work you throw at the problem, you will, eventually return to the same weight and fitness level until you change your cybernetic set point.

Reprogram subconscious for weight loss

Epigenetics: Change the Directions for Your Cells

Reprogram your subconscious for weight loss. Science now confirms that our thoughts, beliefs and subconscious programming create the controls and directions for our biological processes. When you change your programing and beliefs, your body will change the peptide and chemical signals that direct your body processes. 

Manifesting weight loss

Self-image & Quantum Physics

Manifest your ideal body. Everything is vibrating energy, everything- including every part of you! What we have traditionally known through metaphysics and the laws of the universe we now better understand through quantum physics. When you upgrade your self-image and foster self-love within, you change the vibrational signal that you are sending to all of the energy that makes up your body and your life experiences. 

Hi, I’m Kristen Becker

I am a certified Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, college professor and creator of transpersonal psychology based courses. Over 3,000 students have taken my personal development courses, with rave 4- and 5-star reviews! I have learned first hand through my work and personal experiences that the easiest path to absolutely anything that we desire in life is through our own hearts and minds using subconscious reprogramming and attending to our vibrational frequencies which are rooted entirely in our thoughts, beliefs and emotions! I love meeting, helping, guiding, and working with people and can not wait to start working with you!

Here’s how it works

  • You will be guided through the process of establishing your own custom vision and body transformation goal to accomplish during the three-month program.
  • Each week you will receive 2 new fully guided audio programs that walk you through the process of shifting your subconscious programing, resetting your cybernetic setpoint and raising your self-image vibration, all in under 20 minutes per day.
  • You will have simple to implement daily reflections and prompts that enable you to explore the concepts and implement them in your own daily life and routine. This experiential practice creates a powerful impact in quickly and permanently shifting your programing, cybernetic set point and vibration.
  • Weekly worksheets to keep you on track and moving forward toward your goals through each step of the three-month program.
  • No more DIY disappointments! You will get personal guidance from Kristen via email support and our community group.
  • You will make friends, share wins and connect with like minded people in our interactive community group.

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