Manifesting Demystified: The Law of Attraction Masterclass

Your time is now! Discover how to master the science of manifesting using simple NLP

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Stop Wasting Your Time Struggling to Overcome Problems. When You Raise Your Own Vibration, the Life That You Desire Comes to You!

You are manifesting right now! We are all manifesting all of the time. How that works is not a mystery, its actually a science that is easy to understand and easy to hack (once you understand how it works!). If you've put a lot of work into solving your problems in life, STOP. You are only making them worse. Most people are dissatisfied in life because we are taught and trained to focus on our problems. The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to manifest what you want in life (instead of more of what you don't) is to simply raise your own vibration.


Do You Feel Like Your Life Is Stuck On Repeat?

Are you still attracting the same types of struggles into your life, despite your deep desire to flourish and thrive?

  • Are you attracting the same types of unfulfilling relationships?
  • Not where you want to be financially?
  • Looking in the mirror and not seeing the optimal physical version of yourself that you want to be?
  • Not waking up every day to a life that speaks to your soul & fills you with inspiration & purpose?

What Kind Of Life Could You Be Living Right Now?

Imagine! Now, imagine how joyful and fulfilling life is when you are surrounded by trusting, loving, and meaningful relationships. Imagine how it feels to flourish financially, being able to relax and enjoy your life without worrying and ruminating over bills and expenses. Imagine the confidence and vitality you experience when you are in optimal health and your ideal weight. Imagine how different day to day life is when you are inspired by your own life; living a life of purpose that actually uplifts, inspires you & speaks to your soul.


Why Not!

Why Not!

Waking up every day to a life that inspires you is not only well within your reach but it’s your right! You are fully capable, worthy and deserving of uplifting love, flourishing financially, looking & feeling your best and truly living rather than just existing!

It’s not you

The problem is not you. There is nothing wrong with you. You have just as much inherent ability as anyone else to live the life of your dreams. Yet no matter how much you want this or how much you might consciously try, struggle and work to achieve that, you can’t seem to break the patterns of struggle.

Why can’t you break the repeated cycle of struggle?

The short answer: it’s your vibrational energy! Our mental, spiritual, and the entire material world is nothing but vibration. Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches you vibration. It's been scientifically proven that our bodies are more influenced by our vibrational energy and thoughts than by DNA. Quantum physics has shown that the effect of our observation determines outcomes. A vast body of scientific research has documented how consciousness and our physical material reality are intertwined, in many different ways. At the root of all of this research and understanding is vibrational energy.


How is Your Vibration Determined?

Your vibrational energy is rooted in emotion. It is determined by your repeated thoughts, feelings and experiences that create your subconscious programming and emotional vibration. Much of your subconscious programming was set when you were young and despite your conscious efforts to override it to create and live the life you desire, you repeatedly find yourself falling back into the same thoughts, emotions & resulting experiences that only serve to re-enforce the programming and resulting vibration that is holding you back. In the quantum worldview, you as the observer are calling the shots - so make sure you are consciously creating what you want and not attracting more struggle through conditioned programming and low vibrations. When you learn to harness the energetic power of your subconscious, your life transforms almost instantly. As you vibrate higher and higher, the resulting positive experiences further fuel your transformation and the whole process develops at a rapid rate. As you realize your own inherent power, you become more and more unstoppable!


Transform Your Vibration & Start Manifesting the Life You Have Imagined Today. Its a Lot Easier Than You Think!

How do you change your vibration to manifest your vision for yourself and the life you long to live?

The secret is in the system. To change your own vibrational energy you must change your repeated thought patterns & feelings, your experiences and your subconscious programing all together. This is something you may have tried to do through many ad hock means such as: affirmations, personal growth, overcoming limiting beliefs, visualization, spiritual development and more? The reason you have not been successful is that you have not addressed the entire system as a whole. While small strides can be made with these individual efforts, rapid transformation occurs when you balance and correct the entire system to permanently raise your vibration and effortlessly attract that which vibrates at your new, raised level.

Manifesting Demystified is the easy, most direct, and foolproof way to raise your vibration and manifest the life of your dreams.

Your Instructor

Kristen Becker
Kristen Becker

Hi I'm Kristen! I’m a certified practitioner of both Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis Therapy. I have 20 years of experience in the education industry as both an online curriculum designer and a college professor.

I use my expertise in education design to create highly effective and incredibly simple & easy to use courses that demystify the metaphysical and help you to realize your full potential and manifest your dream life as quickly as possible.

In my course you will use a combination of experiential learning, NLP, self-hypnosis based visualizations, subconciouse reprogarrming & transpersonal psychology techniques. Transpersonal psychology integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology to traverse and understand the metaphysical laws of the universe.

After years of extensive study and exploration of spiritual development and metaphysics I turned my attention to neurosciences, psychology and understanding the inner workings of the subconscious mind, quantum physics, and the process of changing our own belief models. After years of research, study and real life experiments I have come to realize the beauty and potential of the balance between all of these for creating a life that speaks to the soul. I’m honored to share these experiences with others through my in person and online workshops and courses.

This masterclass will transform your life because you will:

  • Discover the missing pieces that enable you to quickly become a vibrational match for the life you desire enabling you to attract your most abundant life effortlessly.
  • Master letting go of limiting beliefs, resistance and worry, freeing yourself to vibrate higher and become the happy, peaceful co-creator of your own reality that you were designed to be!
  • Enjoy loving, stimulating, fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life.
  • Banish doubt and worry & gain the self-esteem you need to start living the life you have imagined for yourself.
  • Free yourself from financial and emotional limitations and finally be able to have the kind of life, wealth and love you know you deserve.

Finally! A foolproof, step-by-step law of attraction success system. Manifesting Demystified: You will discover how to get results and leverage the law of attraction using easy and proven Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and subconscious reprogramming that anyone can master.

This step-by-step program features:

  • 14 downloadable step by step assignments
  • Professional how-to videos
  • Fully guided visualizations & subconscious reprogramming sleep audio that are customized for you
  • Email support

You attract what you feel, not what you want! If you’ve failed at bringing more health, wealth, love and self-expression into your life using the law of attraction, it’s because you have not truly shifted your underlying mindset and resulting vibration. Most law of attraction programs tell you what you need to do and why. They will tell you to “change your subconscious beliefs because you are actually attracting that which you are resisting and subconsciously believe". They will tell you to "let go of resistance”. This is all true! We all inherently know this through our own experiences. The problem with other programs is that they don’t show you how to actually shift your belief models and let go of resistance. This leaves you disappointed, frustrated and, worst of all, not living up to your life's potential.

Manifesting Demystified: The Law of Attraction Masterclass is practical, easy to understand, apply and implement. In this course, you will easily shift your own belief models through the proven techniques of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), subconscious reprogramming, and context-based learning experiences. In just six short weeks, you will personally be guided through three powerful manifesting experiments allowing you to quickly and easily internalize the changes, shift your own belief models, let go of resistance and dramatically change the trajectory of your life using the law of attraction.

By now, you already see the amazing value in this course! Unlike most online courses that dump a few videos in your lap and wish you the best of luck, this course is a step-by-step guide that leads you through the process of raising your own vibration and finally attracting what you really want into your life.

How much more of your life can you afford to waste running around in circles? Join us today to secure your spot and start raising your vibration right away!

Class Curriculum


Imagine the right people, opportunities, and experiences showing up right when you need them.

Why this course will empower you to succeed where other efforts have failed:

  • Designed to be customize-able to your individual goals and life experiences.
  • Clear and easy to implement: step-by-step assignments that walk you through identifying, creating and implementing your unique plan.
  • Learn from your own success- In this course you will complete three manifesting goals – guided from start to achievement (one in each section).
  • You are personally supported with email support from Kristen to help you brainstorm, problem solve, and share successes.
  • This course has helped hundreds of people just like you who have rave reviews and positive feedback.
  • Kristen Becker has a proven track record of successfully creating and facilitating personal development courses with over 2,000 students in courses with all four and five star reviews.
  • Lifetime access; when resources and content are added, you will be updated. Also, because the assignments are structured in a customizable way, you can work through the manifesting experiments time and time again, working on new manifesting goals each time.

"It is kind of astonishing what the power of the "Kristen Becker" does to my life. She has magical perspective and is able to flip my life around in a matter of just several minutes of conversation. I am amazed by this woman's superpowers."

- Irina Smirnova

" Kristen has a joie de vivre that encompasses everyone, and those lucky enough to be around her are sure to feel the positive transcendental after-effects like I always do for days afterwards!"

- Jane Kelly

"Kristen is the most intuitive person I have ever known. If you tell her about a problem you are having, she is able to you with exactly what you need to help yourself. Knowing Kristen has been one of the greatest joys in my life recently, and I am beyond grateful to have her as a resource. She is a life changing person made completly of gold."

- Emma Criswell

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You begin transforming your life as soon as you enroll! The course starts as soon as you enroll and never ends! You are always free and highly encouraged to revisit and use the materials. In fact, you will reveal within yourself, new layers of understanding, growth and transformation each time you walk through the course.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Money Back Guarantee: By completing the work in this course, you will change your mindset, enhance your Law of Attraction & manifesting abilities, and transform the trajectory of your life! If you review the lectures and complete the assignments in the course and are not 100% thrilled with your results, we will gladly refund your purchase price.

Get started now!

By now, you might be asking yourself how many more years of trial and error you are willing to spend attempting to understand & leverage your own inherent power to attract a life that inspires and uplifts you. By now, you may be thinking about the countless thousands of dollars you have already spent on; books, reiki, yoga, acupuncture, massage, energy healing, personal development courses and more? What is it worth to you to become empowered to change the trajectory of the rest of your life in just 6 short weeks? Enroll today, complete the course materials and if you are not fully satisfied, your purchase is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.